March 18

St Patricks Day

On the 17 March was St Patrick’s Day

At our school the Social Justice Team [I’m in the Social Justice Team] Made a lot of food like cupcakes,cookies,fudge,jelly, cordial and face painting we sold them for $1.We are giving all the money we raised to  Tonga because they have had cyclones. All the kids had free green dress on.It was heaps of fun!!!

Story of Saint Patrick

St Patrick was 16 when he got taken away from Great Britain to Ireland.He was a slave caring for the sheep sometimes he had to sleep in the snow,cold and rain!One day St Patrick escaped and went back to England.He studied to become a priest.After he became a priest he came back to Ireland and taught Christianity to the Irish! St Patrick lived out is final years in France where he died in Gaul

Fast Fact

People believe that St Patrick  got all the snakes out of Ireland!!!

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1 thoughts on “St Patricks Day

  1. Mrs Yore

    Loved your post, Ciaran. I wish St Patrick had scared the snakes out of Australia as well. I wonder when that fact took off!!

    Glad to hear you are working on the Justice Team.

    Mrs Y


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