October 16

My amazing Holidays

On the holidays I went to Ireland but I had short but good times in England and Dubai.  Well my trip was very long so I will tell you about a hightlight  or 2.

In Ireland I went to a thing called Forrest park it was huge obstical corses with climbing, the tighripe,balencing and the best of them all big ziplines!!! On the ziplines you reached hieghts of  70 feet but obiously you had a tight harness. It was great fun, some of the most fun I’ve ever had.

Another entertaining thing I did on my holidays was watching Liverpool Fc play!!!!!!!! I am one of Liverpools biggest fans and it was amaaing to see them play at there stadium, Anfield. They played Atson villa in an astonishing game. With Anfield filled up and all the fans singing thier them song ” you’ll Never Walk Alone” it was set to be a great game. I got to see some of my idols Steven Gerrard, Jordan Henderson basicly they’re all great.We were so lucky to be there but unlucky not to bet a win. Aston villa snatched an early goal but Liverpool never give up with Philippe Coutiniho hitting the post and great amounts of good play.Sadly the lost 0 -1 but I got to see them play!!!!!! I am so greatful that I got to see them play and realise I am very lucky.

In Dubai I went to the tallest building in the world the Buji Kalief!!! with very, very hot weather I went up the tallest building in the world and saw great views. With this trip I have realised I’m so lucky! I had great amounts of fun.It was awsome!




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