March 10

About me

Hi my name is Ciaran.

I love sports ranging from footy to cricket,basketball,hocky,running but my faverote is soccer!

I like video games but not adicted I like places like skate parks.

My favrote couler is blue.I enjoy listening to music my favrote bands are U2 and the Beatles.In AFL i go for the BOMBERS! and for soccer i go for LIVERPOOL FC and CELTIC FC!

Thats all from me

for now!

7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Mrs. Hamman

    Dear Ciaran,

    Thank you for writing an “About Me” page! This helps your visitors get to know you and make connections with you.

    I think it’s interesting that your favorite bands are U2 and the Beatles. I listened to them when I was in school, too! I hope you’ll participate in Week 2 of the challenge so I can learn more about where you live.

    If you would like to visit blogs of other students your age who are participating in the Student Blogging Challenge, scroll down on this page to see the list. The more you comment on other blogs, the more visitors you’ll receive!

    Mrs. Hamman

  2. Mrs Gridley

    Hi Ciaran!
    You certainly do enjoy a wide variety of sports. You are lucky to be so talented and skilled in so many sports also.
    This is a great description and I am looking forward to discovering more from you as you share your ideas and learning on your blog.
    Mrs Gridley

  3. ciarang (Post author)

    Thank you Patrick,Mrs Hamman and obviously Mrs Mrs Gridley.I have visited your blog Mrs Hamman. It’s really cool sounds like you do grat work! Tell your class to keep up the good work!


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