November 11


When you believe it’s safe go outside…Melbourne weather strikes again!  It dramatic and suddenly changes,and destroys your fun. Surviving and predicting this weather can be a hassle. I Personally don’t enjoy the forecast as it disturbs and annoys me.  It is a challenge that ruins your schedule and delays most things.  It is harsh and distracting to our lives. At the moment it’s sunny but don’t be fooled because this is…MELBOURN WEATHER!

Down by the Sea, Setting Sun, Huanchaco Geraint Rowland via Compfight

November 4

Climate Change Response

Unfortunately, us humans have already affected our important Ozone layer with all our dirty pollution, so why are we still contributing , to ruin our world?! It is proven that our horrible greenhouse gasses are slowly changing our weather pasterns. Climate change is now taking  it’s act on the rising sea levels and the Arctic ice melting. So what I’m trying to say is, it will have a heavy impact sooner or later!….

IMG_4569 Ian Duffy via Compfight

November 4

Saving the Reef

It has come to my attention that the Great Barrier Reef is very so slightly fading. It is one of the unique and entertaining creations on earth. Due to and economic boom in Australia, the government has decided to mine under the sea bed. We have located an important and expensive type of gas, worth a lot of dollars. We are digging up near the reef and interfering with it’s wildlife. Sure it creates a lot of bills but so does tourism. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef gets around 2.19 million tourist a day! It’s an astonishing place that defiantly tops my bucket list. Why don’t we recognize we’re so lucky to have such an Icon?