October 15


One of nature’s finest is the vast rain forest. It’s packed with wonderful and bizarre animals that contribute to the ecosystem. It’s so unpredictable with it’s weather, although it’s unpredictable it  follows such a simple pattern, Rain, Heat and humidity. It’s simple but so harsh. The animals living in this biome have adapted to such a hard life. With exotic and dangerous animal lurking in the canopies you don’t know what to expect. Unfortunately, due to us destructive humans, acres of rain forest in plummeting with heaps of deforestation. This has already affected a variety of animals, but if it keeps going…it’ll bite back. Without the trees supplying healthy oxygen us humans will breakdown. So, respect what lives in this tropical or subtropical masterpieces, and the rain forest itself.

October 9

Transit Guide

Today two local leaders came to our school to discuss issues and to give us knowledge about public transport. To Get us seniors ready for high school they taught us etiquette and behaviour when travelling. They were intelligent with the videos they gave us. They distracted us and then gave a meaning that we all fully understood. After teaching us nearly all they know, the two Whitehorse Councillors gave us situation to get ourselves out of.  It was challenging  meaning but good fun at the same time. Now I feel ready for public transport as I know the safe sides to stay on and what not to do.  It was a great start to our day and I highly recommend it to others. We are very thankful to have these kind people come, and Overall it was a good thing our school set up for us.

1974 Eastern Counties BusCreative Commons License Phil Parker via Compfight

October 8

How Baboons have Adapted to Change

A unique specie of primate have recently adapted to the harsh fruit in the boiling grasslands of Kenya…the Olive Baboons.

The patient anthropologists in Shirley Strum has been closely following these animals for a long 42 years. She has seen the dramatic changes to the outskirts of the towns and how degraded they now are. Against the odds, the baboons have demonstrated pure genius to overcome such a powerful…fruit! The prickly pear is one of the toughest and roughest creatures around. If eaten it viciously kills you. The intelligent baboons role the dangerous fruit onto the dirt to scrape off the prickles. However, the baboons wouldn’t have had  to modify their diet if it wasn’t for us greedy, land hungry humans. The population in Kenya has significantly grown. In the last two decades Kenya’s human population has doubled. Our sometimes silly and disgraceful actions to purchase and take land we don’t need, nearly wiped out this beautiful species.  

Olive Baboon, UgandaCreative Commons License Rod Waddington via Compfight