September 11

Fair For Justice

Today our school participated in a program to support Bahay Tuluyan. Our school made stalls and  put food and other fun filled stuff to entertain people. Our school has been supporting Bahay Tuluyan’s campaign for many years now and always try to beat the total of money the previous year. We all contributed and our class got the best stall of them all…the chocolate throw!!!! I had probably the most throws than anyone, 25?!?! This is a great awareness program our school does,  I hope now that I’ve shared this, your school will join us. The money we raise will help the unfortunate children in the Philippines and give them a better view of life. It is important that we help the needy and after we calculate the grand total it will give them enough money for a rice field. Soon enough, we might be able to end poverty in those helpless countries.

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1 thoughts on “Fair For Justice

  1. Marg

    Another well written report, Ciaran. I can see your name on the front page of “The Age” one day, as a political reporter…or might it be on the back page as the sports reporter?

    Mrs Y


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