September 15

Bike Poem

As I, Michael perched myself on the stool

I searched for a bright new bicycle, that will do!

As I found my beloved new machine

I gazed how it was so clean


I reached for the bike

Then thought about going on strike

How much for a simple tool…

That makes me drool

I must go work

Then I’ll be back with a cheeky smirk

Cause I’ll bring bills

Then I’ll be riding down those hills

IMG_0450.JPGCreative Commons License Christian Eager via Compfight

September 11

Fair For Justice

Today our school participated in a program to support Bahay Tuluyan. Our school made stalls and  put food and other fun filled stuff to entertain people. Our school has been supporting Bahay Tuluyan’s campaign for many years now and always try to beat the total of money the previous year. We all contributed and our class got the best stall of them all…the chocolate throw!!!! I had probably the most throws than anyone, 25?!?! This is a great awareness program our school does,  I hope now that I’ve shared this, your school will join us. The money we raise will help the unfortunate children in the Philippines and give them a better view of life. It is important that we help the needy and after we calculate the grand total it will give them enough money for a rice field. Soon enough, we might be able to end poverty in those helpless countries.

On a Day to Day Basis Michelle Brea via Compfight

September 3

Phar lap

Phar Lap was a very unique horse who became a champion. Phar Lap dominated Australian racing winning a Melbourne Cup, two Cox Plates and AJC derby, and 19 other Weight for Age races. In his final race before death Phar Lap won Agua Caliente Handicap in Tijuana, Mexico, which was record time. He achieved much in his short lived life, [1926-1932] after mysteriously succumbing to illness. Suddenly he was dead, an autopsy had to be done. The autopsy reveled his intestines and stomach were inflamed leading many to think he was poisoned…on purpose. As it was long ago they couldn’t identify infection but in 2000 scientist  studies showed that bacteria was flourishing in his organs. Recently in 2006 many scientist overruled there previous decision and found a large dose of arsenic which is extremely toxic. So who’s side of the fence are you on, the only thing we can be certain on, is that Phar Lap was a true legend.

Phar Lap Memorial Geof Wilson via Compfight

September 3

The Big Gulp

Local man Jonah has mysteriously gone missing. During his critical voyage, he apparently and on purpose jumped overboard.  The man in his early 40’s was travelling with his loyal crew when a brutal storm surpassed them. The close crew mates to Jonah exclaimed that “he believed it was a must that he jumped over… if we wanted to live”. People are searching for the noble man but hope is fading as days are coming to and end quickly. The search is still on and rescuers need as much voluntary help as the can get.