July 31

Pluto’s Story

Scientists that belong to NASA, have uncovered something quite remarkable! They spent years of precious  work to discover what Pluto really had! After 9 years of waiting to see if the project had worked…they received pictures that really defined Pluto. The space craft named New Horizons travelled at an astonishing speed of 600,000 km per hour, making it NASA’s fastest space craft. An Australia  dish was the first collect the information that New Horizons gave. The journey for New Horizons hasn’t finished, this amazing piece of technology is going to locate the secrets of the Kuiper Belt.



July 22


Anagrams use creativity and your inferential skills…many of you are wondering, what is an anagram? That’s why I’m here! A anagram is a word, phrase or sentence formed from rearranging another words letters. I’ve got some examples to awaken that great imagination of yours.  earth – hater – heart. weird – wired – wider. skate – steak – stake – takes. alert – alter – later. heaps – phases.

Now in some sentences that surely make sense :/…here it goes.  After a good day at the skate park I decided to go home. As I was jogging of I yelled ” later” to my weird friends! It takes a while to get home, possibly an hour, so by the time I got home, I was hungry…really hungry!!!! So I got to the fridge, as fast as a cheetah on the hunt, and ate the leftover steak. Then I thought of my weight, and how I was getting wider as I ate the steak, then more food. I also needed to give my best friend a message or recommendation. So to help myself and my friend I took a jog around the block and alerted him of the harsh climate to come, as he didn’t have a TV or radio [ he just moved in] So after the alert I gave him I rushed home, sat down and wired the TV up so I could watch my movie marathon.

Aaaahhhhhh done!  So, Now you can be the genius in your street cause you know what anagrams are!

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July 21

Mandala Madness

A mandala is a spiritual and traditional image Buddhism and Hinduism. The word mandala in Sanskrit term means “circle”. Mandala art has been used throughout the world for well being and relaxation.relaxation. Mandalas can be created in any form and the most famous ones come from mother nature. this includes, spider webs, flowers and other plant specie. Traditionally mandalas are used in R.E and are put up on display in synagogues and temples.  Mandalas let people express their emotions…how you ask? through vibrant colors and incredible detail. Mandalas are even used by psychologists! In conclusion, mandalas have a lot of respect and meaning to them.


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July 21

Eureka Drama

Australia grew with heroic attributes and legendary memories! Of course it had it miserable and jaw dropping moments, but it’s only a young country. So how did this country become the place to be? Population grew in the 19th century in Victoria as it had something unique and special buried beneath us. Gold!  People rushed from all around the world to feel and have a glimpse of this amazing element. Fortune favoured the brave as the miners dug deeper to find gold and live the sweet life. However, not all was good as miners had a fee of 30 shillings which became their licence. The harsh Australian climate wouldn’t have helped either. They only had tents to go back to after a hard days work. The miners’ frustration grew beyond them and finally they took action targeting and burning the Eureka Stockade. Eight soldiers and twenty two miners lost their lives in this cruel battle. Although many were lost, this changed the independence and freedom for Australians. The government fixed the laws and gave people rights. Men were allowed to vote soon after and miners weren’t  ‘possessed’ any more. The Eureka flag is a great symbol for Australians and will always remain sacred.

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July 17

FOoTy MagiC

On a miserable day our football boys went to the next stage to tackle the challenge lying ahead. We tried desperately and kept a lead in the first half…unfortunately we got too tired and lost the precious lead we once had. We tried incredibly hard to get back into the game, but couldn’t. They were a decent side with great athletes. We played 2 schools and lost 2 games, but only by small margins. Overall, it was a amazing day and experience that was extremely fun!

July 15

HoLiDaY FUn : D

I had an amazing two weeks off school…and it all started with going to Sydney! Sydney brought many surprises, seeing the harbour bridge and walking over it was just jaw dropping! The opera house looked fantastic too, it’s even better in the dark when it’s glowing with its vibrant lights!

After our Sydney trip came to an end, We went on the biggest, and best cruise ship…EVER!!!! I ran around and splashed constantly all day with the sports center on board, and the water slides.  My family and I went to the dazzling shows daily. It was great to meet other kids other than my cousin, because I had a blast with them too. one of the best things about this ship was the food! They had everything!! I had a few ice creams daily, which can’t be good for you…oh well!

The last, but not lest fantastic thing about holidays was…MY BDAY! It was great! I loved my presents I got… eg. FIFA 15, clothes and other cool things… I could go on for days!

Well, that’s my holidays in 3 paragraphs…comment your highlights!!!!


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