May 19


Lately I have noticed that people are slacking off when it comes to punctuation. Anyway here’s my lesson.

Wait!!!! Just to prove people are switching off when it comes to to punctuation, The sentence before this should of had a comma after “Anyway”. If you did notice, well done.


A comma should occur when you are giving phrases, lists or to start the sentence off with a pause.


“He hit the ball, dropped the bat, and ran to first base.”

” I cant believe you brought, chips, chocolate, sandwiches and Lollies to the park!!!!”

“Anyway, you got the point now”


An apostrophe is used to shorten 2 words like…

Do not = Don’t

Should not = Shouldn’t

We have = We’ve

By the way, when you use an apostrophe you get rid of a few letters that are in the 2 normal words.

An Ellipses

This is used as a pause and a wait. You use it when something big is about to happen.

” I looked around the corner then… bang!!

” We hid behind the couch, and waited until…scrrrrrrreecch”

” I peaked into the box…when it rattled!”

Punctuation can be hard but try it as it gives your sentences sense.




May 14

The Sun…

A few days ago during literacy, the class got told to make a quick poem. I decide to take some time with this, as I wanted it to be good. Here it is guys!!!!

The Sun!

The sun glared and pounced onto the hillside. He covered the earth with a bright, red cloak, and slapped sunburn onto helpless victims as he devoured the earth with his boiling flames.

May 5

Lets Travel

After 6 long years of high school. My good mate Joe and I would love to go to America in December of the year we have finished high school.


We would fly with etihad in the residence area (Its the most expensive area on ethihad). We want to fly in the residence are because…

  1. you have a bed
  2. you have a 32” flat screen tv
  3. you have your own butler
  4. you have heaps of space

When we arrived in New York we will catch our Etihad taxi to our great hotel. We found our hotel called “The edison hotel” by using hotelscombined.

When we have arrive at Edison hotel we’ll go have some lunch, because we will be starving from being on a 10 hour flight.

On our first night in New York, we will go onto the roof top movies at our fabulous hotel. (Who cares about jet lag!). The reason we would go to New York in december so we have to go  to the new year celebrations.

The next thing we would do is take a boat out to the bay to see a great view of “The Statue of liberty”. It will be so fun and interesting to see how big the statue is!

After our days in New york we plan to hire a Lamborghini from “Gotham Dream Cars” and drive from New York to Chicago and stay at the “Palmer House Hilton”  and then we will drive to California for a week. Why California you ask?. DISNEYLAND and LEGOLAND.

To keep us close to all the action we would be staying at disneyland resort, Which is at disneyland.

We are going to bring  Loads of money to keep us going for the whole month that we would be in America for.

After all the fun in California we would get back into our hired lamborghini and go to Arizona to go see the grand canyon. We get our resources from the trunk of the lamborghini and find the safest place to bungee jump from. We’re right next to Las Vegas so why not go there? We’ve heard of this roller coaster being on Las Vegas’ tallest building. It goes out past the edge then faces down so you’re directly facing the ground.  It looks really frightening! but that’s what we do… (we’re rebels).

Then we would go back to New York and go back to our homes in Australia.

But the real question is… will we book it?

DisneyCreative Commons License Eleazar via Compfight

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