April 20

The electricity grid went out in your country!!!! What would change in your lifestyle?

First of all,my lifestyle would take a new turn and differ a lot.Simple stuff would be incredibly hard to manage, as their would be no energy.

What would I extremely miss????

I’m not a technology kid but…it would be hard to entertain myself all the time. Sure,I can go outside and kick the ball, but what would I do after that?? With no TV,PlayStation, I pod or computer, It would be challenging for me to amuse myself all the time. So I would miss

  • TV
  • PlayStation
  • I pod
  • Computer

Other Issues

Being able to see…at night of course!!!! With no lighting in the house,I don’t know how I would manage when it gets dark. I would fall,trip and crash into things consonantly.

Keeping my food fresh. Without a fridge I wouldn’t have and cold drinks or fresh treats,but my main concern would be… stopping the food from rotting. I really don’t want to eat “off”food!!!!

Keeping clean constantly!!!! I’m a boy, we like to adventure and get messy occasionally,so without a washing machine I would look horrible!!!!!!

People in need!!!! People that are unfortunately on life support or need aid,would certainly need electricity. So hospitals couldn’t save all patients in that situation.

Traffic madness!!!! First of all, no traffic lights would cause chaos. Crashes would appear frequently. Secondly, their wouldn’t be any cars…you need petrol, and to convert oil into petrol you need electricity to power the refinery. International and public transport  wouldn’t be around either!!!! So without transport, humans would go crazy!!!!

So after minutes of thinking hard…Humans would suffer a lot,complain heaps and work much more without electricity!!!!

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