March 26

Wave Energy:Is it Possible????

Wave Energy

Interesting and unique ideas appear every day…and wave energy has reached a whole new level of fascination!!!!

So is wave energy the future of earth, we question the possible but how popular will it be????


How could we possibly take energy from the water and successfully harness it????  It’s a great resource that will never run out,making it renewable. When fast winds run along the top of the wave,it makes a curving shape that wobbles until it gets to shore. These generators are submerged trying to capture the waves sway and rock, because the wave has high pressure in it. The high pressure travels down firm pipes that carry it to a nearby power plant where it is made into electricity.

Whilst there are many advantages to wave energy, there are some disadvantage .Some people are concerned that it may disturb marine life and tourism.These cautious people are anxious that it might affect the marine life and it’s tourism. Scientists are still experimenting and are trying to find the best way to structure this vast idea. Obviously,with a break through like this it’s going to be expensive…and that’s exactly what it is.

although, we must give this design a chance to show how clean, and amazing it is. We need to consider this organized project that it just might…change the ecosystem.
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March 24

Is Space Exploration Worth While

Is Space Exploration worth while????

Of Course it is, think to yourself what humans have discovered

in the last decade, now imagine  what we could do quite quickly

with all the latest ideas.


People have so many questions on this big topic…space, and theses

questions aren’t rhetorical. people could go on amazing journeys finding

galaxies,new gases and possibly even cures…Space could hold the

key to life!!!!


Aliens…are they real,well we won’t find out if we’re questioning the possible.

Earth might not be the only planet with life on it. consider how big space

is… and people think we’re the only ones????


Space holds endless possibilities and everlasting questions that we could answer. This century,could be revolution at it’s greatest!!!!!!!


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March 6

Up Cycling


Do you know the future of rubbish?… you should!! Everyone knows what recycling is, but do you know about the wiser upcycling? 50,000 kids in Australian are using up cycling and absolutely love it. It puts some good fun and imagination into yourself and it seems to be affecting the environment… in  a eco friendly way of course.


What is up-cycling ?

Most the time upcycling products can’t be recycled. You take trash and make it into your own clever idea. For example school kids have been using old dirty tooth paste into clever little headbands. You must try this fun,creative,eco friendly idea.

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Get the joke!!!!