February 25

Nuclear Energy

Australia,we’re up with the latest fashion… right? Well why don’t we use nuclear energy? We have the pros and the cons but in the end what will the government do about this? Nuclear energy creates a dangerous thing called radiation.Radiation is highly toxic to humans and if exposed, life threatening. Nuclear power plants produce this thing ,in drums but if an accident occurs and radiation leaks…look out!!!! This energy is made from uranium and surprisingly Australia is responsible for more than a third of the earth’s uranium!!!! We obviously have a lot of it…so we don’t we have a nuclear power plant?? This energy source does have good things about it. It doesn’t release any greenhouse gases meaning its not bad for the earth’s atmosphere. It will give people good jobs and it could be more popular than coal. So my questions is…what’s it going to be Nuclear or…?


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February 19

The Dream Giver

In a old mysterious town was a orphanage full of children sleeping peacefully, then…wooooosh! quietly a unique flying man came into the room. HE cracked golden coloured eggs on possessions of the children,why?…I honestly don’t know. He put a golden egg on a child’s book and the character that had an astronaut costume on and came to life. As he left he gentally put 2 eggs on the sleeping childs lap but…the child rolled over and cracked the egg and everything the flying man created was sucked into fast vortex. The small astronaut boy was sucked into another book where he was in a dense forrest with a huge rockface. he quickly climbe it and to his delight… a dragon thing came out and was about to pulverise the boy when the flyin man came out of the deep blue sky and thre his final egg ona small plant that grew as quick as possible to lock the dragon into a tree.

Interesting storey

February 18

Science Kids

So you might think learning about the building blocks of the world [atoms] is year 10 stuff?….Think again!!!!

A Brisbane school in Australia is learning all about the element surrounding you.They know exactly what they’re doing. These primary school students are studding chemistry and how the world or even universe is formed.Focusing on atoms molecules and how they’re made. You are never to young to learn about the on-going discoveries of the world….or in other words SCIENCE!!!!

February 18


This year I’m going to blog much more often.Last year I was a little rusty and on rarely….but now its the start of a new semester and i will tell you guys what I’m doing at school and on holidays!!!! So check out my recent post and please leave a comment. Get ready for a big blogging year!!!! 

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Happy New Year!!!!

February 18

Achievement of a Lifetime

Is landing on the moon one of humanity  greatest achievement? I certainly agree…do you? People have discovered interesting and extraordinary facts and secrets about space dew to the ”moon landing.” We have discovered what comets and planets are made out of,how planets orbit!!! Imagine being millions of kilometres away from earth…in fact 6 million, it would be amazing!!! It must of been incredible to view such a thing and hear ”1 small step for man….1 giant leap for mankind.” MY opinion is final,It is one of man kinds best achievements!!!!


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These are the three men that tackled the challenge of going to the moon.

[Neil, Micheal and Buzz]

February 17

Fat Tuesday

Today is a special event of the Catholic church called Shrove or Fat Tuesday. I wonder how other countries celebrate this remarkable tradition?…. So I took it to the extreme by using the internet. Denmark used to put a cat in a barrel and kids would whack the barrel as hard as they could,until the barrel broke. [poor cat] Now they stuff it full of lollies as a tradition and eat yummy Danish. So now you know  more about the Denmark tradition for the day before lent….Shrove Tuesday.


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February 12

Comet Landing

The European space agency has pulled off a remarkable scientific mission to discover wonders of the universe! It’s taken them a decade to accomplish this mission….. so why did they do it? The expensive probe called “filla” is on the icy comet to collect important information of the solar system. The comet is 510 million km away from earth and has very little gravity. This outrages data shows that the probe way 100kg on earth and only 2g on this speeding comet! Science has hit a major collision course with….. more discoveries!


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February 10

The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley

The Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley

Response to the Text

My first impression of this creative book was that Riley was a mouse, as happy as can be. Enjoying himself, you could say he has the life of Riley. Riley was grateful for what he had but people wanted more and “needed .” They were never satisfied…they would crave for more. The author expressed his emotions with a clear message that we should “savour the moment” or “don’t take things for granted” but do we all do this?…. A lot of people globally are much less fortunate than us. It actually  reminds me of the real world, where people don’t think about others in unfortunate positions of life, and they consume….. but don’t give.So what should we do about this?  We should enjoy what we have and give what we don’t need or what we don’t use.