November 24

Cats – School work

Cats are usually lovely little pets for the young children to the older adults. They are sometimes very secretive in their lives jumping fences, leaving the house and just not being in sight. They are cute most the time but sometimes don’t like ther owners nd don’t want to be picked up. Sadly the government might put a curfew on cats for killing native wildlife! Now that is a problem. Cats are clever and sometime unique and different. Doing other stuff to most cats like tricks! Now I’m going to show you a cool and funny video.

ūüėÄ cool ha

November 20

Big Eruption in Indonesia – Homework

Mount Sinibung in Indonesia erupted frighteningly and quickly. It has devastatingly claimed the lives of 14 people and injured 3 others. Mount Sinibug ¬†is 1 0f 120 active volcanoes in Sumatra! Sumatra is one of many countries located in the ring of fire. The ring of fire is a part of the earth were most natural disaster occur. The ring of fire manly gets earthquakes witch then trigger tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. I know your thinking…

Why there are most natural disasters?

heaps of tectonic plates are based there and when they collide  the earths plates will shake causing earthquakes like i said causing more terrible natural disasters.

WE hope that the people of Indonesia more pacifically Samatra recover quickly from this horrible blow.
Moving Back a Bit over Legaspi
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Storm Crypt via Compfight

November 18

Thanking Gods Creation – Homework

Dear God,

We thank God for putting down on earth wonderful creatures. They may be big or small fast or graceful,we thank you for the differences they have. Some help us with everyday life and a lot of them bring us happiness and company. Animals have amazing patterns that we only dream! Some fantastic creatures bring wonders and confusion to our mind on how they behave and what they play.Pets are great as well bring a spark in our heart that most will never forget. Something all animals have is that they have a place in our hearts and minds!

Photo Credit: Joanne Goldby via Compfight

November 11

Cheetah’s – Homework

Fast, Faster, Cheetah...
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Martin Heigan via Compfight

Cheetahs are one of my favourite ¬†animals and i acknowledge ¬†everything about them. i love the speed and swiftness of them and they’re amazing patterns. They are amazing animals that tend to mind their business. They live in Africa but they’re losing habitats and poachers kill them for they’re fur. They are part of the big cat family and are carnivores. They’re bones are light allowing them to run faster without that extra weight. I really wished people would stop hunting them and let them be ,they shouldn’t be hunted, cheetahs should be looked after and cared for!!!They are simply beautiful creatures that are a wonder to the world!

November 10

The Poppies

Today is a day where many lost their ¬†lives serving their countries that fought in brave battles. Today is not just the anniversary for any battle, we remember the heroic solders that fought in Flanders Fields. This gory war took place in Flanders fields, France. The Germans were invading the French brutally destroying proprieties and lives ,because of this the French solders called for allies. Later on in the battle Australia,England and many more countries joined the war to give France what was rightfully there’s. They fought in Flanders Fields for 4 years trying to give back the land to France. On the 11 th of November at 11 o’clock the guns went silent. Germany surrendered and gave the land back to France. Peace had come back! In Flanders field where many had lost their lives it was red. It was covered in blood. The next Spring grew beautiful red poppies, now we use these poppies as a symbol of the horrific battles ¬†that took place in WW1.


Lest We Forget 

El Reino de las Amapolas
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Marco Vianna via Compfight

November 5

Camp Rumbug

I thought school camp was amazing fun,the activities were creative and great. I learnt new skills and cool stuff. My favorite activities were …..

1 Nitro crossing – An activity that requires a lot of skill. you carry hold onto a big rope and carry a bucket of water with you. The aim of the game is to get the bucket of water to the other side, and without stopping get to the other side yourself without falling in. Great fun!

2 Giant swing – You are harness to a huge swing about 15 – 20 meters high and the you drop at great speeds!

3 canoeing  Р you share a canoes with a partner and have races, play tag with the canoes and just cruise around the lake.

4 Adventure bridge – It is an obstetrical coarse that needs a lot of balance into it. You go on a tightrope over mud and overall the adventure bridge is amazing.

5 staying in a cabin with my mates!!!


School camp was so fun and i wish to go back to camp Rumbug again one day.