August 31

Science Works

Last Friday was a great day because the 5, 6 students went to science works !

This term our class has been studying science in particular physics, renewable and non-renewable energy.

 Lightning  Room 

We went to the lightning room to start are day and it blew our minds! We learn’t about static electricity, magnetism,movement and obviously lightning. There were really fun and interesting experiments. The best part about the lightning room was the lightning bolt on display at the end,it had 3 million volts of electricity. One fact I learn’t was in a lightning storm planes are safe and that they get struck quite often.

Sports Works

I am positive that the section sports works was for fun. it made us push to the limit either trying to balance,save goals or run against an Olympian Cathy Freeman [ she wasn’t actually there] I think this was a incredibly fun section!

Search and Rescue

We learn’t how and what to do in an emergency like a fire,rough storm at sea,and rescuing people at sea. This was a fun section because you got to ride electronic jet ski’s ,helicopters and a big ball pit with a raft. This was fun and teaching us things for life in the unlikely situation of an emergency.

Overall Science works was a great experience and I highly recommend it!


Gigantes de viento - Wind Giants
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Pablo Fernández via Compfight



August 19


For our PlT [personal learning task] I did the study of lightning.

Lightning is the form of static electricity moving from cloud to cloud. it occurs when clouds absorb hot and cold air masses from the ground, whilst negative and positive charges move in as well. Negative charges slowly drop to the bottom of the cloud and positive charges move up and sometimes escape. When you see a strike that means there was heaps of negative charges but usually the negative charges don’t escape and flash in the clouds.

Scientist still don’t know exactly how it happens !

Although it is incredible dangerous it is really cool!

so know you know how this formidable force forms.

See ya


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: José Eugenio Gómez Rodríguez via Compfight