June 24

Term 2 Highlights

This term has been really creative , interesting and especially fun! A Great thing for math this term was surprisingly fractions. Our class made 9 delicious pizzas and had to work out how many pieces will everyone get, the pizza was really yummy!!!

This term we also had interschool sports I was in the football team and I think we came 2 nd. We also had soccer so coincidental during the World Cup we came first in our division and got to the grand final and sadly lost but it was really fun. I also got 2 free soccer balls one for getting the most juggles 18 and one for being an all star [ one of the best there] everyone tried really hard and had a good time

Cross country was really fun as well. We did 3 kilometres and I came 10 so I luckily got to the next stage with some of my buddies. We tried really hard but other people were just to good. District sports was fantastic and our school won!!!

Term 2 was great and they’re only some highlights.

I will leave you with some pictures bye

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June 18


Sikhs believe in a lot of things but they’re really big on reincarnation. Sikhs  are equal in gender and have a holy book called Guru Granth Sahib.They prayer in temples were their is a huge space for a feast. A Sikh tradition is that a Sikh daughter has to marry another Sikh. I think it’s great to learn about different religions.

I will leave you with a Sikh temple


Shrine in Kyoto
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Spreng Ben via Compfight