May 30

Concrete Poem

This is another good poem it was going to be a concrete poem but I don’t know how to make a shape over the words.Things you need to know about a concrete poem

  • It’s written inside a shape
  • It’s any subject
  • ‘It dosn’t have to rhyme

As the boat travels throught the mout it has a big splash and a crash but it’s still at float. On that boat was a dog who has a big bark because he sees a shark! A man picks up a football on that boat and throws it at the shark who takes a big mark!

That is my concrete poem

stay tuned to see more good poems




May 30

Cinquain Poem

In class we are learning all about different types of poems like a Cinquain. A cinquain has

  • Two sylibols in the first line
  • four sylibols in the second line
  • six sylibols in the third line
  • eight sylibols in the fourth line
  • two in the last

This is my Cinquain poem


Is really wet

And can be really cold

But sometimes it is really hot


That was my Cinquain I hoped you enjoyed it

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May 22

Send All My Friends To School!

Imagine 57 million people not going  to school, 24 million with disabilities. That’s a bigger population than Australia! Every human should have equal rights like having an education. One of those 24 million kids is Lucy. She lives in Kenya and has Polio in one of her legs and it’s made her life much harder. Sadly she can’t walk or straighten her leg. She can’t go to school because of her very unfortunate disability. She wants to be able to grow up and help her Mum , be a teacher or a doctor but she can’t do that without an education.

Help these 57 million people that aren’t as lucky and don’t go to school