April 30

The Poppy

The poppy is a symbol of remembrance, remembering all those people who fought in war. Australia and France were allies in WW1. Sadly 10,000 Australians died. They’re big tombstones that worship them some tombstones don’t have a name or a country. The Australians and French fought in Villers – Bretonneux the whole town was destroyed. A lot of innocent people died babies, children, adults and old men and women. On ANZAC day [ Australian and New Zealand Army Corps] Australians remember those people who fought and died for there countries. It is a very sad day



You  gotta Fight the FIDA
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Rita M. via Compfight

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1 thoughts on “The Poppy

  1. Mrs Gridley

    This is a lovely post about ANZAC Day Ciaran. It is such an important day for us to remember all the sacrifices that have been made for us.
    Thank-you for sharing this post.
    Mrs Gridley 🙂


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