April 30


Hi all,

I have plenty of hobbies but I’m going to choose one today. I love getting my scooter out and going to the skate park and going down big  ramps. My personal favorite is the foam pit, you go down a massive ramp going down a great speeds and then jump into the foam pit. You should go to a skate park


Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Hani Amir via Compfight

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4 thoughts on “Hobbies

  1. Mrs Gridley

    it is terrific to have a variety of hobbies. You are lucky that enjoy so many especially at the skate park.
    Mrs Gridley 🙂

  2. joshfss

    Hi Ciaran

    cool blog you have there my names Josh you left a comment on my blog cool hobbies I have a scooter to my favourite trick is a tail whip what’s yours?

  3. adamksl

    I think you have a great blog because there is plenty to read and discover.
    I liked how you talked about the foam pit at that local skate park too.
    One question though, where about is that skate park with the foam pit?



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