April 3

Narritive WW3

Salem Tank
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We were lost only 5 of  were together then Crashing through the trees was a huge plane!”are you alive we all shouted” no answer about 55 million people dead.Hi I’m Ciaran sadly I’m in WW3 and it’s terrible,cruel and very bloody.We crept carefully in the Forrest and then in the distance looked to be a German base.We quietly ran over.”What do we do now” I questioned.

“We split up 3 in each group going around the base”The general commanded.Patrick and Riley were with me.We graduly went around the base always looking where we steeped.”Riley come over here” There was no answer “Riley” I whispered but it was to late Riley had already jumped the fence and through a grenade at a hidden gas can.”RUN” we all shouted.The explosion was booming across the country landscape.I was so annoyed but said nothing.We got a radar signal that there was another German base about a kilometer away.Patrick Riley and I followed General Matt and Luke.We had finally reached the base.

2nd time luky

As we silently crept forward when bullets went passed.”HIT THE DECK” Luke yelled

“GUNS OUT” General Matt shouted. So I got my rusty old gun out bullets went every were Finally someone got shot but it was Patrick I got up and helped him while General  Matt,Luke and Riley I got my handkerchief out and put it on the wound.”It will be just fine” I reassured  him ” I called in at our base and reported a injured soldier and quietly said “possible death”

they said “we will send the nearest helicopter just tell me were you are” “In the Forrest I will send up a flair” I quickly exclaimed .I got my flair out of my bag BOOM! 5 minutes later a helicopter came but it couldn’t get down on the ground because of the massive trees.They sent down a harnise and raped Patrick in it it pulled him up.Lukely he only hit a few branches.People were shooting so I shoot them.They were dead it’s grosume but I couldn’t afforded my buddy dieing especially in a herific way. We got into the German’s base and raced to the cabin were they make announcements.


Could all soldiers go to the showers NOW!They did as I said.Riley went to the showers and locked the door sealed shut.We were about to steel a lot of their stuff when……We got a radio call from the base

“The Germans don’t want war anymore they are loosing to much men”

“YAY” we shouted in excitement,Wars over! We walked back to the base and didn’t bother unlocking the door for the German’s anyway we realise  that they could shoot the lock off

As we talked in the sunrise we would always remember WW3


I did not intend to be disrespectful to German people

Tell me if you like it and if theirs any advice tell me

Bye for now


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