April 1

Graffiti Street

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: ALL CHROME via Compfight

I love Graffiti like this!

Some Graffiti is terrible and can ruin a whole town. It shows your inner feelings and it’s really cool. I chose this one because it’s bright, dark and colorful

tell me your opinions on Graffiti and if you like this one!

Bye for now

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2 thoughts on “Graffiti Street

  1. Mrs Yore

    I like the creative graffiti, too. It is considered an art form. Sometimes, graffiti aims to be negative and that’s a different story. But though it can be ugly, it is the way some people protest. Some graffiti artists become very famous such as a poor Sydney man, Arthur Stace. Well he was sort of a graffiti artist…he wrote the word, “Eternity” over half a million times around Sydney. He died in the 1960’s but he was honoured when the word, “Eternity” appeared on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, in huge letters, at the conclusion of the Sydney Olympics’ fireworks show. Interesting story.

    Mrs Y


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