March 24

The Internet

When your on the internet there is no such thing as private! Yor every move is recorded.You also think before you click.It could be funny 1 minute but the next really iratating and enburasing so be careful at what you send.You have left a digital footprint when you were a new born baby.Your tag is filled with details about you.You are recorded if you enter a building with security cameras and the rcord the time  you arrived and when you left.
Inconclusion you are always being watched on the internet!!!

bye for now

March 18

Screen addiction

I strongly believe that Screen addiction is bad why you ask???

1 Just sitting in front of the TV all day makes you Lazy and Fat!!

2 It is not good for the social side of you because could be playing with your best mates and having fun but no there is this new show on

3 Some games on plantation have a lot of violence and that can’t be good for you

4 It is not healthy you could exercise and be happy

5 Looking at a computer all day somehow can’t be good for your eyes

in conclusion i think it is horrible for you to be addicted to technology

Bye for now!


March 18

Why You Want to Come to Melbourne

In Melbourne it great there are cool places to go and  their is fantastic sport

1 Bounce a indoor trampoline center with doge ball foam pits or just do random jumping around and around I recommend that a great place to go.

2 Now to go higher we have the Eureka tower it is abstemiously massive you are allowed to go to the top and see over the big city. -the city of Melbourne

3 I love skating so i would go to Rampit an indoor skate park.its no ordinary skate park its big and got cool ramps like the foam pits

4 The legendary MCG Melbourne cricket ground but we don’t just play cricket we play AFL Australian Football League .It is a huge stadium that can hold about 100,000 people

5 The city in Melbourne is amazing!The big buildings especially but their is also Crown a fancy hotel restaurants and a casino6 The weather is hot in Melbourne so great for beaches and great for a swim!!!!

7 We don’t just have the one stadium the MCG we have Etihad stadium  were we play AFL and sometimes soccer, Aami Park witch is soccer and rugby,Hisense were we play basketball and the Australian open/tennis,Rod laver arena for Australian open/tennis and concerts!!!

8 The Austrlian Open witch i think most of you have heard of were we get the best tennis players from all over the world my favroutes are Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and David Ferrer!

9 Every year in Melbourne we have the Melbourne Cup it is fast horse racing.The best horses from the globe compete for a Trophy and prize money

that’s why I love Melbourne
also tell me were you would want to go!!!

bye for now